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Fruit-based toppings & inclusions
Sweet biscuit crumbles, cubes & powders
Savoury crumbles, cubes & powders
Dehydrated vegetables, herbs & mushrooms
Dairy / cheese ingredients
Meat-based ingredients (chorizo, hams...)

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  Ingredients and industrial (semi finished) food products are typically manufactured by food companies,then sold to customers which are also food industries or professionnals in food processing. These later ones are simply located more 'downstream' than the first ones within the increasingly complex chain of elaboration of the final food products eaten by people.

  This pattern is becoming increasingly relevant for a large proportion of food manufacturers :
  65 % are already regularly buying ingredients and semi finished food products ;
  40 % already sell such food products intended for subsequent industrial use, although the percentage of their global turnover represented by such sales may widely vary from one company to another (from 100 % for BtoB specialists down to a few % for some companies not yet fully organized to develop this specific business)

  The demand for ingredients and semi finished foods is promoted by long-term trends :
  * Worlwide increase in consumption of ready-to-eat products and of meals consumed outside home
  * Increased diversity of products and of their culinary inspirations, stimulated by the mobility of people and goods
  * Evolutions of the food industry similarly to other businesses (car industry, electronics...)
     > Marketing & industrial specialization on 'core businesses and processes'
     > Spreading of missions between final assemblers of heavily marketed consumer foods, and upstream providers of specific food components or contract-operated processes
     > Constraints of food hygiene and safety, of environnement and profitability going against the multiplication of the processes within a single food plant.

Herebelow links lead to web sites in French or English focussed on food ingredients.

* Companies specialized in Consulting, Market Studies, Training, Recruitment in the ingredient area
* Newsletters, magazines and professional associations in the BtoB food area
* Professionnal Trade Shows for Ingredients
* Database, directories and specific sites in the BtoB food area
* Our own selection of interesting web sites in other food areas

  > Companies specialized in Consulting, Market Studies in the ingredient area :

  INGREDYS CONSULTANTS (Vannes - France) :
Market studies, strategic analysis and support in marketing and sales for food companies willing to develop their own sales of intermediate food products or contract processing towards other food manufacturers.
  TASTE CONNECTION (Wooton under Edge UK) :
Your partner in UK for Taste, Flavour and Food Trends.

  NUTRATECH CONSEILS (Montelimar - France) :
Consultant engineers for the health and nutrition industries

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  Process Alimentaire
  Le Manager de l'Alimentaire

Newsletters  News on food & beverage development  News on supplements, nutrition & healthy foods

  Food Ingredients 1st
  Food Engineering & Ingredients

  Nutraceuticals World
  Food Ingredients Online (USA)

  FAO Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations:
  FOODDRINKEUROPE Europe Food Industry
  ANIA Association Nationale des Industries Alimentaires (France)
  FEVIA Fédération des Industries agricoles et alimentaires (Belgique)
  FDF Food and Drink Federation (UK)
  CLUB PAI (France) : People for food Additives & Ingredients
  FEDIMA Europe Federation Manufacturers of Sweet 'Ingredients
  SYNPA Syndicat National Producteurs d'Additifs & Ingrédients
  ADEPALE Association Produits Alimentaires Elaborés
  ANMF Association Nationale de la Meunerie Française

  Leatherhead Food International (UK)
  TNO (NL)
  ISIPCA (F) School of food flavors

& French

  CODEX : Food Standards
  EFSA : European Food Safety Agency 
  ANSES (France): French Food Safety Agency
  Ministry of Agriculture & Food Industry (France)

> Professional Trade Shows for Ingredients :                                                   Back to top of list

  * SIAL (Paris) International Food Fair
  * SIRHA (Lyon)  International Foodservice Fair
  * CFIA (Rennes):    Suppliers of the Food Industry Fair
  * NATEXPO (Lyon) Organic Products Fair
  * Sandwich & Snack Show (Paris)
  * EUROPAIN (Paris)    Bakery / Pastry Fair
  * JTIC - Milling and Cereal Industries Meetings
  * SPACE (Rennes)    International Feed and Livestock Fair

  * ANUGA (Köln)    International Food Fair
  * BIOFACH (Nürnberg)  International Organic Products Fair
  * ISM (Köln)   World's biggest confectionery trade fair

  * INTRAFOOD (Courtrai)   Benelux Ingredient Fair
  * TAVOLA (Courtrai) : Fine and Fresh Food Fair
  * TUTTOFOOD (MIlano)   International Food Fair
  * CIBUS (Parma)   International Food Fair
  * MARCA (Bologna)   'Private Label' Fair
  * SIGEP (Rimini)   Fair for Gelati, Pastry and Bakery
  * MIG (Longarone)   Artisanal Ice-Cream Fair

  * ALIMENTARIA (Barcelone)  International Food Fair
  * SEAFOOD (Barcelone)  Seafood Fair

  * VITAFOODS (Genève) Health Food Fair

  * Food Ingredients Europe  European Ingredient Fair
  * PLMA (Amsterdam)  "World of Private Label"
  * SNACKEX (Hamburg)  Salted Snacking Fair

  * IFT FOOD EXPO  Reference US Ingredient Fair
  * PETFOOD FORUM Petfood Ingredient Fair
  * SUPPLYSIDE WEST Nutraceutical Ingredient Fair

  * IFIA JAPAN (Tokyo)  Ingredients and Additives Fair
  * FOODEX JAPAN (Tokyo)   International Food Fair

    Fair gathering suppliers of ingredients, packagings and food technologies

 International Exhibition for Food Ingredients, Additives and Flavourings

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Food Chains : Bilingual Canadian information site on dairy ingredients : Site on food flavours (and perfumes) : Site on tomato processing Industry : Site on sugar, its manufacturing and various use markets

> Our own selection of interesting web sites in other food areas :                   Back to top of list



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